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K&M Systems Intergration stands at the forefront of proactive and strategic business continuity services.

Can your company keep operating through events such as:

  • Natural disasters – floods, fires, storms
  • Cyber Attacks – malware, ransomware, adware, hackers
  • Hardware Issues – age, improper installations, ineffective applications
  • Criminal Activity – theft, damage, cyber-crime
  • Human Error – accidents and mishaps

All of these can cripple your operations for days – even permanently – if you haven’t taken your IT seriously enough to formulate a strategic business continuity plan.


Don’t become a disaster statistic! Your business is worth protecting with a business continuity strategy from the Executive Technology Consultants of K&M Systems Intergration. Reach out to us at support@kmsi.net or (403) 274-7848 to speak with one of our continuity experts today.

Our Executive Technology Experts would be happy to coordinate with you to design a customized IT Continuity Plan for your business.

The “K&M Systems Intergration way” is not to offer basic turn-key solutions, but rather to approach your business from a holistic IT perspective and then build out a continuity plan that will truly meet the demands of your unique business.

K&M Systems Intergration customizes business continuity solutions that can include elements of the following depending on the client’s setup and situation.

  • Executive Technology Consultation – enabling your executive team with a plan.
  • Regular Onsite Backup – redundant backup of vital data on premises
  • Offsite Cloud Backup – backup of critical files at geo-redundant location
  • Cloud Virtualization Services – ensure uptime with essential systems duplicated offsite and available through the
  • “Fire Drill” Testing Protocols – practicing protocols keeps everyone informed and tests continuity systems

By listening to and following the expert advice of K&M Systems Intergration Executive Technology Consultants, you can equip your business to weather any storm – natural or man-made!

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