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Disaster Can Strike Anytime, Anyplace. Is Your Business Prepared For What Comes After?

When Calgary was flooded in 2013, many small businesses experienced significant losses of data and were never able to get back to where they were before. A high percentage went out of business altogether.

Your business doesn’t have to be a statistic. You can make sure you’re prepared for whatever might come with a Business Continuity Solution from K&M Systems Integration. Call us at (403) 274-7848 or email support@kmsi.net to learn more.

Our business continuity experts will work with you to design a customized IT Continuity Plan specifically for your business. We don’t offer turn-key solutions: our job is to look at how your business works and make sure that you get a continuity solution taking your specific business practices into account.

K&M Systems Integration offers Business IT Continuity plans that include:

  • Business Continuity Consultation: Helping you plan for anything that might affect your overall business practices, and making sure your IT will help keep you functioning in case of disaster.
  • Regular Onsite Backup: Keeping all your servers and critical business systems securely backed up to provide fast and accurate continuity of your important business practices in case of failure.
  • Offsite Cloud Backup: Sending your data to a secure cloud data center facility where it will be guaranteed protected and encrypted.
  • Cloud Virtualization Services: Moving your key business systems to a virtualized server so you can access them anywhere, keeping you in business even if your home office isn’t.
  • 24/7 Backup Monitoring & Validation: Ensuring that your data and systems are stored properly, preventing loss or contamination and ensuring a speedy recovery if necessary.
  • Regular “IT Fire Drill” Continuity Testing: Actually running your Business Continuity Plan, including your staff, planning, a documented checklist, and a full boot of your recovery environment, to prove your plan works and guarantee its performance.

With the right insurance in place, your information will never be in jeopardy, and your technology will always be there to help you focus on running your business. K&M Systems Integration safeguards your data the way you safeguard your employees: we plan for the worst, test our plans to ensure they work right, and make sure that if disaster ever does strike, you know what to do.

Don’t put your business at risk of lost revenue and reputation. K&M Systems Integration offers Business Continuity Solutions that make sure your technology meets the needs of YOUR organization. Contact us today to schedule your FREE no-obligation business continuity assessment. Find out why our clients trust us with their technology by calling us at (403) 274-7848 or emailing us at support@kmsi.net.

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