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Business Information At Risk?  Are All Doors Locked Into Your IT Network?

Pen TestingA penetration test, or pentest for short, is when an intentional attack is made on your business IT systems in order to find security weaknesses and potentially gain access to its functionality and data.

Unfortunately, despite the growth of cyber threats too many companies only conduct a penetration test when they have to, or if law requires it. Many never do. Often, pentest’s are only conducted to remain in compliance with new regulations, or to prove they’re secure.

However, if you conduct a pentest when it’s too late then you are losing. By then, a hacker may have successfully gotten in, executed a payload, and gained valuable access to your business records, communications, etc.

Therefore, waiting to conduct a pentest will cost your company a lot in the long run.

The problem is that attacks evolve a lot faster than requirements 

Modern pentesting has rapidly evolved over the years. While the value and purpose of conducting a pentest used to be debated, it is now becoming a necessity for small businesses everywhere to combat a “cyber black market” filled with highly skilled and intelligent criminals.

While some pentests are automated, the best and most productive ones require hiring a designated team of the best attackers you can get, and asking them to not only attack but to exploit as well.   This is where your Cyber Security experts at K&M Systems Intergration can jump into action and help your Calgary business.

It is not wise to assume that any one type of pentest is appropriate for your business. Different companies will require different strategies depending on many different factors. Some businesses may require pentesting more heavily than another company.

There is no one-size-fits-all pentest for businesses. It is wise to remain skeptical about anyone or any service that offers a Band-Aid solution for your needs.

Do you have security concerns in your Calgary business?  Need to prove that your company IT systems are secured? Contact our IT security team at K&M Systems Intergration. You can give us a call at (403) 274-7848, or send us an email at support@kmsi.net. Our team is dedicated to leveraging your pentest services to suit your company needs.

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