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Leverage The Power of a Chief Information Officer To Manage Your IT Infrastructure Without Hiring On New Staff

You want every aspect of your business to involve people who are as dedicated to your success as you are. Having someone to manage your technology for you would be an excellent addition to your time, but sometimes you just can’t fit that role into your budget.

K&M Systems Integration gives you the benefits of a Chief Information Officer (CIO) without needing to hire a new member of your staff. We offer virtual CIO solutions to help you analyze, understand and manage your technology and what it means for your business’s future. Learn more by calling us at (403) 274-7848 or emailing support@kmsi.net.

With our vCIO Services, you always have our expertise and experience at hand. Our experts will analyze your business and help you define and establish the appropriate approach to manage your IT environment. We review your needs, your current technological practices and implementation, and use that to help you determine your technical priorities so your highest needs are always served first.

Virtual CIO Services from K&M Systems Integration give you a proactive and preventative strategy for actions that support your business, uniquely designed for YOUR business model, by:

  • Implementing the right technology for your business, including hardware, software, security, network connectivity, and bandwidth.
  • Operationalizing your system, monitoring the installation and configuration of your IT, ensuring project oversight, proper training of your staff, and regular review of your technology.
  • Managing all your IT vendor relationships, including:
    • Phone systems
    • Website hosting
    • Security cameras
    • Printing & copying
    • Networks
    • Industry-specific software supporting your business
  • Developing an appropriate budget and helping you manage that budget, including planning and reviews to avoid any surprises.
  • Creating a support strategy & infrastructure to keep your IT systems serving your business goals, including:
    • Proactive strategy & preventative maintenance
    • 24/7 systems monitoring, alerting & network management
    • Reactive support & troubleshooting
    • Proper training & education of your staff

We will be there to help you step back and look at the larger picture of your technology, seeing not what problems it might cause but what it can do to make your business work better.

Don’t rely on the guy who resets your router to tell you how to use your technology: leverage K&M Systems Integration’s expertise and experience with our Virtual CIO Services. Find out why our clients trust us with their technology by contacting us today to schedule your FREE no-obligation review of your business systems at (403) 274-7848 or support@kmsi.net.

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