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Internet Consulting

Your Internet Connectivity and Stability is Central to Your Business Success. Make Sure the Right People are Giving You the Best Internet Advice.

K&M Systems Intergration has the knowledge and experience bandwidth to offer Executive Consulting Services. Our approachable Executive Consultants have access to the most efficient and cost-effective Internet connectivity solutions in the industry, and we will be glad to put our experience to work for you!

You don’t want an ill-advised or outdated Internet connection to get in the way of your employee’s productivity and your profit! There is a smarter way to spend I.T. dollars, and our Executive Technology Consultants can show you how to get the best value for your Internet service expenditure.


To stay competitive in this economy, it is essential to maximize your internet investment and to keep your workforce thriving with reliable, around-the-clock advice and service. Contact K&M Systems Intergration today at support@kmsi.net or (403) 274-7848.

Do you wonder if your Internet service is up for the job? The K&M Systems Intergration consultants can assess your existing Internet connection to discover and resolve issues that may cause slow performance. We’re dedicated to doing whatever it takes to ensure that your Internet service is functioning at the highest level and truly supports your business needs.

Our Executive I.T. Consultants can drastically improve your Internet access by:

  • Upgrading Your Internet Connection: KMSI knows where to find the best and the most budget-friendly Internet options. We also know how to upgrade your Internet without hassle – minimizing disruption and downtime.
  • Dual Low-Cost Connections: Many of our clients choose to use two low-cost connections to ensure
    that they have the Internet available to them at all times. A dual connection allows you to have a backup Internet connection if one provider’s service goes down.
  • Network Connectivity Analysis: Sometimes your Internet connection itself isn’t the problem.
    Sometimes it has to do with the way it’s being used by the network or your staff! K&M Systems Intergration uses the right remote access solutions to help you get the best results from your branch office network connections.
  • Cloud Advantages: Your business can leverage the power of cloud-based services like Microsoft
    Office 365, SalesForce, online ordering, etc. But you can only do so if your Internet connection operates efficiently. It needs to be fast and reliable. If it is unreliable, slow, or down, your business could be in jeopardy.
  • Internet Capacity Analysis: Our team of I.T. professionals will analyze and monitor your Internet
    connection to determine its capacity and to discover whether any capacity is being unknowingly wasted.

You need stable, reliable, and efficient Internet access so that your business can function and grow! K&M Systems Intergration will work closely with you to find the right Internet connectivity solution, to manage the implementation, and to monitor your connection moving forward.

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