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K&M Systems Integration: Making IT Work Since 1993

Reliability, Experience, and Innovation are the foundational elements that set the Executive Advisors of K&M Systems Integration apart from the rest of the I.T. managed service provider pack.

At K&M Systems Integration we aren’t the new kid on the I.T. block, and we aren’t the fly-by-night startup looking to use amateurish, untested technology on unsuspecting businesses.

The K&M Systems Integration team has the experience to know what works well for companies just like yours, and we have the battle scars to prove it. We have watched the trends and we know the I.T. that will stand the test of time and will provide dependable service for your company year after year.


To discover the difference that experience and reliability makes in the I.T. field, call K&M Systems Intergration today at (403) 274-7848 or email us at support@kmsi.net. Our experience can be your asset!


Our Founder and CEO, Ken Wallewein often reminds us that, “Great I.T. starts with the right business decisions.” K&M Systems Integration has a wealth of knowledge gained from years of experience in the I.T. field. We use that experience to advise our clients so that they can make the most informed and most effective decisions regarding the I.T. environment of their business.

Ken Wallewein has served the executive teams of a wide variety of companies by consulting on business strategy and communications technology. He has the depth of background to be able to see the big picture. After all, perspective matters! Alan Kay, computer scientist and visionary, said, “Perspective is worth 80 IQ points.”

Ken has instilled in the K&M DNA the truth that “great businesses need great I.T., and great I.T. is just good business”. Our clients can depend on the fact that the Executive Advisors Ken has selected for our team bring that same high level of business strategy and I.T. savvy to all of their client relationships.


Our Executive Advisors are at the top of their profession. Our CEO, Ken Wallewein, has sought out individuals that have an in-depth understanding of business strategy as well as communication and productivity technology. He has done this purposely to ensure that K&M Systems Integration could work alongside your executive team, build trusted relationships, and offer tangible solutions that enhance your business processes and give you a competitive advantage. At K&M Systems Integration, we truly believe that smart people like you want to work with smart people. That is why Ken Wallewein has sought out and hired some of the brightest people in the industry for our Executive Advisor team.

The panel of professionals that K&M Systems Integration has brought on board as our Executive Advisor team has a wealth of business experience and is poised to help companies just like yours deal with issues like:

  • Making the right strategy decisions from the start. – Not every solution needs technology.
  • Deploying the most reliable monitoring and disaster-recovery service available
  • Integrating I.T. into your employees’ workflow (taking out the speedbumps) so that it is a seamless part of their work experience.
  • Establishing dependable alert systems and providing people who can effectively deal with situations when they arise
  • Making sure that hardware installations and upgrades go smoothly and don’t disrupt business activity
  • Taking away the worry of backups, updates, and downtime
  • Preventing I.T. problems before they happen
  • Establishing a risk-management protocols including, but not limited to, cyber-security and malware protection
  • Finding solutions for I.T. challenges that are unique to your business
  • Working collaboratively with companies as their virtual Chief Information Officer to give them the high level of service and expertise that they cannot easily get from an in-house CIO


The high level of expertise and depth of background that our employees and upper management bring to the table has made K&M Systems Integration the go-to managed service provider for businesses that are seeking a consultation partner. We have established a track record of excellence in the field of consulting and have established a Consulting Chief Information Officer relationship with many companies. Our Executive Advisors work every day with company owners just like you – one-on-one – to consult on matters ranging from I.T. assessment, and creative I.T. niche-solutions, to surveying the entire scope of the business for efficiency advantages and issue solutions.

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