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Why Choose K&M Systems As Your Next Calgary IT Support Company?

Simple…we will let our client tell you why they trust us as their Calgary IT Support company?

  • Price – K&M Systems Integration Ltd. (herein referred to as K&M), in my opinion, are not “cheap” when it comes to hourly charges, however, I would say that they are within the going rate for IT Consultants. Although they are not the cheapest, their billing is always accurate and I have never encountered any overbilling of any kind. Their prices for actually hardware (computers, monitors, etc) I think are more than reasonable and better quality than anything you would go and purchase off of the self at a store, with the added benefit that you know you are getting good quality equipment without having to do any of the research, delivery, etc.
  • Size – Although K&M is a small business, I consider this an advantage. Our company knows all of the people we deal with and are able to build a relationship with them, which leads to honest communication. If I have an issue of any kind, I have no problem addressing it with K&M. K&M does do their best to prevent problems before they happen with monitoring, but when you are dealing with computers/servers, it is inevitable that problems will arise. I can say without a doubt that when problems do arise, K&M has always been there IMMEDIATELY to address them. A perfect example I have of this is when our server was only a couple of years old, the motherboard died on a regular update that was being performed after hours on a Friday evening. One of the consultants, Rick Payton, worked all night and the following day creating a backup system that could be used until the server was fixed. This involved ordering and replacing the motherboard and took about 2 weeks in the end. The backup created worked the whole time the server was down. We were up and running the Monday morning as if nothing had happened, and we were only charged half of the time spent on this problem. Being a small firm, we cannot be without our computers for any length of time. So, I believe that going with a small business has many advantages, they understand that our small business cannot be without their system better than anyone, because they are a small business.
  • Trust – Trust takes time to build, and cannot be done overnight. I am not sure what advice I can offer here except to let your potential client know that we do trust K&M because of their track record. They have proven to us that the systems that they set up work. Our firm has never had issues with data breech violation, cyber-attacks or viruses. We did have a spam issue that was corrected through K&M and we went from receiving hundreds of spam junk mail to none.
In closing, we have been working with K&M as long as I have been with the firm, more than 9 years and are very satisfied with their service.
This is why K&M Systems is your best choice for your Calgary IT support needs. Call us today at (403) 274-7848 or drop us an email at support@kmsi.net


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