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Did the Power Outage Impact Your Business? You Might be Missing the Most Imperative Business Plan of All Time!

On the afternoon of Friday, October 10th, you were probably finishing up work for the day: business processes flowed as usual, employees were able to perform their regular tasks, and everything was fine. Over the weekend, everything drastically changed: 5,000 residencies and 2,100 businesses were left in the dark after an underground electrical fire occurred, resulting in a power outage that impacted a 17-block zone between 4th Avenue S.W. to 7th Avenue S.W and 4th Street to 11th Street S.W.

Don’t Be Left in the Dark Again – Your Business Doesn’t Have to Stop Functioning for Every Disaster That Comes Your Way!

Imagine this: a natural disaster, such as a flood, storm, or in this case, an underground electrical fire, occurs in the area; a multitude of businesses are forced to cease operations, losing business opportunities left and right. Your business, on the other hand, continues running with minimal disruption! How? That’s easy:

Our Business Continuity Planning Keeps You Going, Staying Profitable & Productive, No Matter What!

In all honesty, excessive downtime is a consequence, not an aftermath, of a disaster, and it’s one you DON’T have to face. If you’re not prepared with a comprehensive business continuity plan, you WILL face downtime as you work to recover, and that means you’re going to face significant reputational damage and loss of client confidence.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Our business continuity planning keeps you going, whether something as drastic as a natural disaster occurs, or something as simple as a human error occurs. We help you create a solid business continuity plan that keeps you prepared for any type of disaster!

So how does KMSI help you keep going, staying profitable and productive, no matter what? Our team of IT experts offer business continuity planning, which includes:

  • Taking the right steps: We’ll outline what should be done, who should be contacted, and other vital information to keep your employees and customers safe during a disaster.
  • Keeping your servers and critical systems backed up: We’ll ensure your servers and critical systems are continuously undergoing full, constant backups to an offsite backup and disaster recovery device.
  • Performing regular “IT fire drill” continuity testing: We’ll perform regular “IT fire drill” continuity testing, wherein we actually boot your recovery environment to prove the plan works properly.
  • Booting your recovery environment: We’ll boot your recovery environment from the offsite backup and disaster recovery device to keep your business operational, even if onsite systems are damaged or temporarily down.

Still not convinced? When the power outage impacted a restaurant owner who happened to be one of our clients, we were able to bring them back up and running at an alternate location before the end of the weekend. Plus, our email continuity solution allowed them to continue receiving emails during the move from their office to the alternate location and back; so none of their employees were struggling to contact their clients.

Interested in learning more about our business continuity planning designed to keep your business operational at all times? Give us a call at (403) 274-7848 or send us an email at support@kmsi.net. Don’t let disaster stop your business – KMSI is the preferred IT support company for businesses looking to prepare for disaster in Calgary, AB!

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