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Ensure your business always remains online by taking advantage of redundant internet services

These days, businesses in Calgary are getting more and more work done online. You have important files to share, business applications running in the cloud, VoIP phone services using your Internet connection, and employees relying on online communications to collaborate with each other and stay productive.

That’s why an Internet outage can be so damaging to a business’ productivity, communication, and service delivery. Recently, vehicle tracking and fleet management company GPS Police Inc. encountered a total Internet outage at their Northwest HQ, leading to three hours of company downtime.

The thing is, with KMSI’s expert services, they would never have experienced an outage in the first place. Our I.T. experts can provide Calgary businesses with a redundant connection that will ensure their staff’s ability to access the Internet for whatever they need, whether it’s simply for communication and research purposes or for more pressing needs.

The KMSI team can equip you with a redundant connection and advise you on the best ways to leverage it for your business purposes so that you benefit from:

  • Improved data usage
  • Faster connections
  • Better security
  • More oversight
  • Guaranteed Internet access at all times

Don’t leave your business and its clients vulnerable to an outage any longer. KMSI can equip you with a redundant Internet connection to ensure you can always stay in touch with your clients. Contact us at support@kmsi.net or call our staff at 403-274-7848 today to learn more.

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