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Ernest Manning High School Suffers Data Breach

Calgary Board Of Education High School Hit By Serious Cyber Security Breach

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Just because you don’t belong to a huge corporation or financial institute, it doesn’t mean your information isn’t valuable to hackers. Cybercriminals are smart and cunning – they’ll target just about any business, program, or board to get what they want.  Read what 660 News reported.  Click Here.

School Board Data Breach

As students prepared to enjoy their spring break, the Calgary Board of Education has confirmed in a statement that they received information stating that someone with unauthorized access gained access into Ernest Manning High School information database.

Both students and parents at Ernest Manning High School have been contacted and informed that their names, emails and student numbers have possibly been accessed by a third party.

In a statement that was released to 660News, the Board said they believe the person responsible for the alleged breach was trying to gain notoriety, but that they will continue to investigate the claim until the situation is further clarified.

Communication Manager for the Board, Joanne Ramondt, said in a statement:

“We have received information from a person alleging to have obtained unauthorized access to a school information system. This claim is being actively investigated. We are also complying with all of our obligations under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy act. This person may be seeking notoriety and publicity for his/her actions.”

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