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KMSI Provides Reliable Business Protection for First General Services

First General Services, an insurance restoration company, is a leading choice for property damage restoration services for insurance companies, property owners, policyholders, and property managers in the event of crisis and insurance claims.

When First General was looking for an IT Company to provide a reliable backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solution, as well as look after their network and server, KMSI was the obvious choice for the job. KMSI was able to ensure their data was backed up and recoverable. In addition, KMSI ensures maximum uptime and availability for First General’s network and server.

The Situation & The Resolution

As an insurance restoration business, First General’s IT infrastructure must be up and running at all times to respond to insurance issues. KMSI provided a reliable BDR solution based on StorageCraft ShadowProtect, in order to recover their server in a timely manner and avoid business disruptions and downtime.

Michael Wong, the in-house PC support person at First General, explained the importance of a reliable BDR solution: “It’s important to us because we’re in the insurance restoration industry, many insurers send quotes to our server, if our server is down or there’s some reason we can’t receive that information, we would lose a lot of business.”

KMSI’s BDR solution enables First General to recover within hours in the event of a disaster. Their server is automatically backed up and copied as often as necessary and the BDR device is stored at an off-site location. If a disaster occurs on-site, the BDR device can be brought to the site or a remote location, then the server environment can run on the BDR device.

In addition, KMSI ran through a BDR fire drill to make sure staff members are prepared to respond in the event of a disaster. KMSI worked with their staff to identify key staff members for a disaster situation, then created a disaster recovery plan. The disaster recovery plan was tested in an environment that was isolated from the rest of their network. KMSI brought a few of their PCs, as well as the BDR unit, into the test environment. The entire server environment was booted up to ensure employees could continue business operations from the BDR device.

The Outcome

First General is happy with KMSI’s high level of customer service and technical expertise. Michael explained, “We’ve worked with KMSI for a long time and we’re happy with their service. If we need immediate help, such as Internet connection issues, we phone them and they resolve it.”

Michael also believes KMSI is an improvement over their last IT company, “Before KMSI, we used a different company that wasn’t up to our standards. We finally found KMSI and so far, so good. If other businesses are looking for a good IT company, I would recommend KMSI.”

To learn more about our BDR solution, give us a call at 403-274-7848 or send us an email at support@kmsi.net. KMSI can ensure you and your staff members can continue business operations in the event of a disaster. 

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