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Has Your Business Taken The Smart Approach To Password Management?

One of the challenges of relying on technology as part of your daily routine both in and out of the office is finding a smart and secure way of keeping track of login credentials. It’s well within the norm for someone to have a dozen different accounts they use on a routine basis. And in the interest of protecting the information stored in or accessed through these accounts, each one should have its own username and password.

Using the same password for multiple accounts is every bit as risky as using an easy to guess password. Many users tackle this particular challenge by keeping track of login credentials someplace they can easily go back and reference when they inevitably forget.

Tracking this information is not a terrible idea – especially when the alternative is routinely having to go through the steps of resetting your password, a process that can be slightly more complicated than just answering a security question depending on the account or application. A weekly call to tech support because you’re locked out of an account you need to complete your work is hassle, and a productivity killer.

The problem with writing this information down comes from the method of choice for many individuals. It should go without saying that a sticky note on your monitor is not a secure way to remember your login information. Scrap paper or notebooks can be misplaced or stolen, and spreadsheets can be accessed and read by unauthorized users.

A password management program is the safest, smartest, and easiest way to keep all of your credentials and password in one place. There are number of commercially available applications to choose from if you’re looking for a way to manage banking, social media, or other personal accounts. When it comes to your business, a program like KMSI PassPortal is an ideal solution.

Monitored and maintained by K&M Systems Integration, the KMSI PassPortal offers unparalleled safety and control of all of your vital credentials and passwords. Accessible from anywhere, your employees can use PassPortal to store individual login details, as well as those for applications shared by your team. By tracking the creation and use of passwords within your organization, you can easily keep ex-employees from continuing to use old credentials.

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