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An Internet ‘Speed War’ is Gearing Up in Western Canada

Telus and Shaw are currently facing off in Western Canada, with both companies offering big discounts on their Internet services to entice new customers. Streaming service such as Netflix have resulted in an increased demand for faster Internet speeds, and a higher monthly data cap.

Both providers are currently offering Internet for residential customers with an upload and download speed of 150mbps and a 1 terabyte data cap on a two-year contract, for less than $100 per month.

Business are seeing the benefits of this “speed war” as well, with the same high upload and download speeds  – reaching into the Gbps for Telus on some plans – and unlimited data for considerably less than what many businesses are currently shelling out for slower speeds.

It’s worth considering making a change, especially if your business relies heavily on Internet-based services. Higher speeds at a lower cost offer an undeniable benefit. But there are a few things you should consider before you decided on a new plan, or a new provider.

Faster speeds and more data are all well and good, but these upgrades don’t come with the guarantee that reliability won’t be a potential issue, or that your business will be able to make full use of the speed you’ll be paying for. If your business is largely cloud-based, it becomes even more vital to make the most of your Internet connection.

KMSI offers Internet Consulting to help businesses stay online, and on track. We can help you upgrade to the right package and minimize the downtime associated with making a switch. By monitoring your connection, we can discover and resolve issues that may be slowing your connection down, and eating into your business’ productivity.

We also recommended looking into a low-cost secondary provider as a way of ensuring that even if your Internet goes down, your operations won’t grind to halt. A dual connection can be a real asset to your business, especially in the event of a prolonged service outage. Our Internet Solutions experts can help you find a plan that works for your business.

Many small and mid-sized businesses use residential-grade Internet connectivity as a cost saving measure, as business-grade connectivity is typically hundreds of dollars more per month. But along with its lower price point, a residential connection will be less reliable. If you are considering this solution for your business, or are currently using a residential connection, having a secondary provider becomes even more important.

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