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K&M Systems Integration: Big Enough to Support You – Small Enough to Care

K&M Systems Integration has been helping businesses across Calgary make their technology serve their business goals since 1993. I believe firmly in providing effective, fully managed IT solutions that aren’t just about fixing your broken technology – they’re about preventing problems before they happen and about optimizing the way you do business.

When you’re running a business in Calgary, you want to know that your tech is always going to be there for you, and the best way to ensure that is to work with IT professionals who understand that the technology should serve the business.

KMSI has proven over the years that we understand that, and all the collected aches and pains of our clients have let to innovative and practical solutions that we can apply to your business too.

1. We ask the right questions the first time, analyzing how your business works so we can make sure we offer you solutions that work right for you, not the ones that worked well for your neighbour. We understand that every business has unique practices and goals, so you need unique IT solutions that contribute meaningfully to the way you get work done:

  • Calgary Business IT consulting to help you plan for your future, taking into account the technology you already use, and giving you realistic, affordable goals to fit the best technology into your infrastructure and optimize your staff’s productivity.

2. Then we apply the best-tailored solutions that meet your needs. It’s all about communication: you tell us what your goals are, and we make to give you the right IT to make those goals happen, including solutions like:

  • Network and email security, to keep your data safe from crime.
  • Business continuity solutions, ensuring your business is always protected from disasters and able to be recovered easily at any time.
  • Business telephones and mobile device solutions, to maximize how you connect to the world and let you take your business on the road.
  • Cloud computing and virtualization, moving your systems and data to safe, virtual environments that you can access anywhere you can reach the Internet.
  • And even more!

3. And after that, we stay with you every step of the way. Our experts provide constant support for you and your business, implementing proactive and preventative practices and solutions to make sure you never have to worry about IT problems slowing you down, and to always be there to help you out:

  • 24/7 remote monitoring and maintenance keeps your systems watched at all times, so we immediately know if there’s a problem and can get it fixed before it affects your business.
  • Round-the-clock help desk services, so someone’s always available for you to talk to if you have IT-related questions or need to make sure your staff knows how best to use your technology to remain productive. We track and monitor your help requests to make sure you receive immediate and prompt attention: if you say it’s urgent, then it’s urgent!

A lot of businesses in Calgary don’t know what their technology is worth. They don’t know what it costs to have downtime, to have to not only spend unexpected extra money on fixing IT problems but to be losing money while they wait for those problems to get fixed.

K&M Systems Integration makes sure you don’t waste your time with IT solutions that give you anything less than the best. We’re not just an IT shop or the guy you call when things break – we’re your outsourced IT manager, your virtual Chief Information Officer, and we’re dedicated to providing you with technological solutions that help you see the value of your IT.

Ken Wallewein
Founder & CEO
K&M Systems Integration

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