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Best Practices for YOUR Small Business to Lower IT Costs & Get the Best Value from Your IT Investment!

Think about it: your single biggest IT cost is payroll, especially when it’s wasted on poor productivity. So what can you do to enhance productivity while keeping costs low? Here are some key best practices to help you and your business focus on your core strengths and get the best value from your IT investment:

  1. Simplify, Standardize & Control Your IT Environment:

The simpler your information technology environment, the easier and cheaper it is to manage and ensure everything works well. Always avoid toys and “free” downloads and make sure there’s a business need for everything you’re implementing or purchasing.

  1. Implement Defense in Depth:

We know this from experience: relying on a single security solution just doesn’t work. Cybercriminals are advanced and they’ll find a way to make sure threats still get through. It takes layered security, with a firewalled network, securely configured systems, and managed/monitored anti-virus protection.

  1. Don’t Allow Your Staff to be PC Administrators:

Staff members with admin rights tend to frequently install software that has little or no business value, wastes time, and causes problems. They’re prime targets for viruses and identity theft. Well-managed PCs, on the other hand, are much less expensive to own and support, but having someone on your own staff handling IT support is a hidden cost that must be eliminated.

  1. Make Sure Your Backups Are Well Planned & Regularly Tested:

Always think business continuity. Make sure your backup solution includes regular restore testing, monitoring, and reporting. A business that’s down for days will either lose significant amounts of money, or worse, not survive.

  1. Use Uninterruptible (UPS) Power Protection for Critical Equipment:

Power protection needs proper configuration and regular testing. Key factors include: run time, alerting, and automatic controlled shutdown. Make sure you’re working with an expert to achieve this.

  1. Select & Manage Your Systems Carefully:

Business computers should be business-grade: 3-year warranties, in warranty, with features selected for productivity, not home gaming and multimedia. Your software needs to be selected, licensed, and approved for business use. Keep in mind; personal amusement software will greatly increase support costs.

  1. Be Proactive – It WILL Improve Your ROI:

Monitoring and maintenance helps to keep your systems working well. If you wait for something to break, it will. The cheapest time to replace old equipment is actually before it fails – unreliable systems are much worse than failed ones. Talk regularly with your IT partner and plan your approach, then review results often.

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