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Expand Your Staff’s Capabilities Letting Them Use Their Own Mobile Devices To Get Work Done

You can increase productivity and save money letting your team work on their own devices, but many business owners worry about security and oversight on these personal machines.

K&M Systems Integration can help you leverage the benefits of BYOD and avoid any mishaps with our Bring Your Own Device Consulting Services. Learn more by calling us at (403) 274-7848 or emailing support@kmsi.net.

Our team of Mobile Device Management (MDM) experts can guide you through the ups and downs of BYOD, letting you take advantage of its money-saving and productivity-enhancing capabilities. With BYOD, your staff will be able to:

  • Access your important data from anywhere they go, letting them work in the office, at home, or in the field.
  • Coordinate more easily with each other by sharing data and projects on the go.
  • Complete work on systems they’re familiar with, increasing their productivity and saving you money on infrastructure.

We understand that mobility isn’t simply a turn-key solution: what works for your neighbour won’t necessarily be what’s best for you. K&M Systems Integration’s BYOD Consulting helps you determine the best way to implement BYOD into your IT infrastructure so you can avoid any potential security problems. Our consultation services provide your business with:

  • Business & Cost Analysis: We advise you on how BYOD will affect your business, where you’ll save and need to spend money, what policies you need to implement to keep it safe and conforming to regulations, and what support and oversight it will need.
  • Systems Security Analysis: We analyze your infrastructure to ensure that your data is safe before you even implement BYOD, and then guide you on what software you’ll need to ensure that security extends to your employee’s devices, giving you control over your data even when you don’t control the mobile device itself.
  • Architecture Design: We’ll help you prepare your infrastructure for BYOD integration, ensuring your mobile users have secure access to your back-end systems so you get the most out of BYOD.
  • Tactical Integration Planning: We’ll help you develop a solid plan to allow your employees to integrate their personal devices into your infrastructure in a way that maintains your data’s security.

With our guidance, you’ll be prepared to take advantage of the power of BYOD without running afoul of compliance issues or potential data leaks. Using our BYOD Consulting Services, you can mitigate the risk and expand your infrastructure in a way you never expected.

Leverage your employees’ own technology and integrate their personal mobile devices into your business practices with BYOD Consulting Services from K&M Systems Integration. Find out why our clients trust us with their technology by contacting us today to schedule your FREE no-obligation review of your business systems at (403) 274-7848 or support@kmsi.net.

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