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How Much Do You Spend On PC Problems? The Answer May Surprise You

Every company has had to deal with computer problems before. There are all sorts of things that could go wrong with a computer, and just as many potential solutions. Unfortunately, lots of people wait as long as they can before they go looking for IT support, and only shell out the bare minimum to get back up and running again. So the costs of PC problems really only come down to the cost of repairs or replacements, right?


The biggest cost of PC problems is not money – it’s time. Time is your most valuable resource, and your information technology is how you manage it. If you have computers doing what they’re supposed to, time is easy to manage – things flow smoothly, employees are productive, and communications are easy. But when technology DOESN’T work, you can kiss time management goodbye.

Downtime is the great monster under the desk that’s eating up your profits, but the experts at K&M Systems Integration can stop it in its tracks. Don’t just sit and wait for IT problems to get so bad that you have no choice but to replace your computers: trust in the experts to deal with technology proactively to save you time and money every day. Call us at (403) 274-7848 or send an email to support@kmsi.net to find out more.

There’s a sliding scale of how the cost of PC problems increases over time. If you deal with problems right away, the cost is always much less than if you leave it as long as possible:

  1. The Trouble Begins – This is where it all starts: Could be someone installing or downloading some malware; could be an older system finally starting to give up on you; could be too much being done on a system not equipped to handle it. Whatever the reason, here’s where the trouble begins, and here’s where it would be easiest and cheapest to fix.
  2. Hiccups – Strange little lags in performance time start to crop up here. Programs take longer to load up, and you may see longer startup and shutdown times for your computer. Users get frustrated, so time is wasted and productivity starts to lower, so you see money lost to the monster of downtime.
  3. Hangups – Here’s where things really start to become a problem. Some programs just won’t open at all, or crash as soon as they do. Users end up having to restart their computers several times throughout the day just to try to get a bit of speed back, or otherwise they just sit waiting for any kind of response. Even more time is wasted, and you’re also now at risk of losing data and hard work put into files that could vanish after a particularly bad crash.
  4. The Fake Fix – Someone thinks they know how to solve the problem here. They download a virus removal tool from a website or start trying to run defrag all the time to clean things up. Not only are you dealing with time lost to all the lags, but now you’ve also got an employee wasting time on “solutions” when he should be doing his own work.
  5. The “Damn Computer” Stage – Everyone dreads having to use their computers at this point. They know things don’t work right, and they start take extra coffee breaks while waiting for programs to load up. It’s easy to blame all lost productivity and other problems on the computer system. Meanwhile, the downloaded fix-it program may have just made things worse, installing more malware or just further slowing things down.
  6. The Break-Down – Either the computer itself finally just gave it up and won’t turn on anymore, or you give in and call for IT support. You pay the cost of repairs or replacements, plus potentially for recovery on any lost data. You’ll never get back the lost time and productivity, plus the wasted revenue for employees doing nothing.

Your IT experts at KMSI could have saved you so much if you’d asked for help as soon as the problems rose up. Usually it’s a simple matter of doing a scan, finding the root of the problem, and then weeding it out. Sometimes it may mean upgrades or replacements, but at least you’ll have the time to talk about options and find out what will work best for your needs. If you leave it until it’s too late, you’ll find yourself scrambling to take whatever works and will get as much of your lost data back as possible. Proactivity is ALWAYS cheaper than reactivity.

Don’t leave PC problems until it’s too late! The team at KMSI is ready to help you stop problems before they can drag your productivity and profitability down. Learn more and schedule your FREE no-obligation review of your business systems by calling us at (403) 274-7848 or emailing us at support@kmsi.net.

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