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Not All Screens Are Created Equal – A Quick Guide To PC Monitors

When it comes to upgrading and updating your business’ hardware, there are some items that stand out as more of a priority than others. For example, replacing your fleet of desktop computers every few years or so is common practice. Technology changes quickly. Upgrades are essential to keeping pace with those changes, and getting the most out of your IT.

But what tends to be forgotten or overlooked when your computers get an overhaul is your monitor. Unlike a laptop, a desktop computer has several separate components, and the only piece we seem to focus on is the PC itself. The end result is a shiny new computer hooked up to a clunky and out of date analog flat screen LCD monitor.

By providing your employees with a bigger and clearer display offered by a modern dual digital monitor, you can actually boost productivity. A sharper picture is much easier to read, and by giving them the ability to see more of their work without squinting or scrolling, it allows your employees to work more efficiently. It’s important to remember when choosing a new monitor to purchase a model that uses a digital connection, not an analog connection. This will have an impact on overall picture quality.

The impulse to avoid spending part of your IT budget to replace an item that is still working just fine is understandable, but by continuing to use outdated technology, you may be putting your employees and your business at a disadvantage. With these new models becoming increasingly inexpensive, it might be time to consider making a purchase.

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