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KMSI’s Dedication And Wide-Range Of IT Skill Sets Impresses OMERS Energy Services

OMERS Energy Services is an oil and gas exploration and productive company that develops and acquires properties across Western Canada. Since 1984, OMERS Energy Services has been investing in the oil and gas sector.

K&M Systems Integration Ltd. (KMSI) has been working with OMERS Energy Services for nearly 10 years. At the beginning, KMSI supported their single-server Novell Netware network environment. When the company began to outgrow their location, KMSI took charge and upgraded their network to a fully-virtualized blade/SAN server environment with Server 2008 R2. Scott Bonli, CFO and VP of Finance & Administration at OMERS Energy Services, explained how helpful KMSI was during the move:

“KMSI was right there taking charge in ensuring that the move was done securely and efficiently!”

KMSI handled a wide-range of support functions for OMERS Energy Services, including the management and growth of a network of multiple sites across Alberta. KMSI also handled the management of an extensive amount of services, including Oracle, BlackBerry Enterprise Server, Exchange, Remote Desktop Services, and many other critical functions.

In addition, KMSI ensured a reliable and secure Internet connection for the staff at OMERS Energy Services. KMSI installed and managed a secure firewalled environment with VPN services and fibre-based high-speed Internet. The firewall and VPN services enable staff members at OMERS Energy Services to communicate securely and mitigate security risks while the fibre-based high speed Internet ensures a quick and reliable connection. Scott Bonli discussed their contentment with KMSI:

“We’ve always found KMSI to be very professional, dedicated, knowledgeable, and always had a clear focus on our business needs.”

KMSI also provided user application support for OMERS Energy Services’ office software and at least 10 different major oil and gas applications, including Accumap and CSExplorer, which are critical for the day-to-day operations at OMERS Energy Services. When IT issues occur, KMSI offers around-the-clock emergency support to assist the staff members at OMERS Energy Services.

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