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Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place

When a construction and concrete company found its technology foundation was on shaky ground, it turned to the K&M Systems Integration team for help building a more stable infrastructure

Construction workers with clipboard

Construction workers with clipboard

Marty Plante realized in order for his company to grow it required a rock solid technology infrastructure.

The founder of Calgary, Alta.-based Top Level Developments knew his company had a superb reputation for being able to handle big construction projects its rivals could not. But in order to take advantage of the increasing number of opportunities that reputation brought, an upgrade to the company’s technology infrastructure, including a new server, was an essential cornerstone.

Founded in 2002, Top Level Developments designs and builds a range of edifices that includes building foundations, structural slabs, composite insulated concrete walls and other watertight concrete structures.

But Plante discovered finding an IT support team to get things rolling was more troublesome than imagined.

“I located two firms who could perform these services and they were willing to enter into an agreement with me,” Plante said. “But based on the average monthly amount spent over the previous years, they simply could not offer a competitive plan. They just were not structured to do so.”

A referral from a trusted friend led Plante to K&M Systems Integration.

“I always structure my business, and the IT portion of it, as if I was 10 times larger than I am. Along the way I have conversations with Ken Wallewein and his staff regarding ‘what if’ scenarios, and from there we determined if there is a likelihood of an event what the cost would be to minimize any risk that arose. That upfront risk analysis was critical to our team.”

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