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Managing all of your technology to let you focus on doing what you do best: being a great business leader.

K&M Systems Integration, Ltd. (KMSI) knows that great business leaders focus on the things they do best – and that’s why it’s fundamental to delegate technology management to someone who does that best. That’s what we do – we manage all of your technology because, plain and simple, that’s what we’re best at.

The infrastructure we use to provide our services is complex – we have multiple ways to do everything, depending on your needs and what’s appropriate. We choose and manage those solutions based on what will give you the best value and results – because you deserve nothing less.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

We know your data is your livelihood, and all sorts of threats are targeting your data. When you lose your data, you lose money: customers are disappointed, your reputation suffers, and you face non-compliance fines and lawsuits. We provide and manage a data backup and disaster recovery solution that:

  • Keeps important information, applications, and systems backed up
  • Monitors and tests all backups on a regular basis to prevent failure
  • Includes a business continuity plan with step-by-step procedures for recovery
  • Ensures you’re prepared with regularly scheduled “fire drills” to practice

Email, Spam, and Network Security

If you’ve seen the news lately, you already know far too many companies have become victim to hackers – stealing their confidential data and leaving them with thousands and thousands of dollars of damage. Our email, spam, and network security means you can feel confident knowing you’re safe as we:

  • Perform a complete assessment to discover any vulnerabilities
  • Monitor your network around-the-clock to prevent intrusion
  • Install the proper anti-virus software and run scans regularly
  • Provide managed firewall and web filtering to prevent unauthorized access
  • Keep email communications safe through encryption and archiving
  • And much more

Cloud Services

Many business owners are interested in jumping into the cloud, but we know it’s not the right choice for everyone. We help you determine whether the cloud is right for you, and which cloud service would suit your needs:

  • Cloud-based backup and storage
  • Cloud-based Internet security/content filtering
  • Team sharing and collaboration technologies
  • File-sharing solutions
  • And much more

Proactive Prevention

We know downtime is far too expensive – and that’s why we help you minimize the risk of downtime, increase productivity, and reduce overall costs through proactive prevention – ensuring problems are stopped before they impact your company as we:

  • Monitor your systems and network around-the-clock for intrusion or potential issues that might pop up
  • Refresh your technology, whenever necessary, to prevent outdated, antiquated systems from dragging you down
  • Meet with you and your team, on a regular basis, to find out what’s working and what needs to be improved

IT Management

Your technology is extremely important – enabling you to communicate with customers and colleagues, store important documents, process transactions, and do all the important tasks you need to do. We manage all of your technology to make sure you’re never unable to work:

  • Protecting your critical systems and information from any harm
  • Keeping your technology stable and in compliance with regulations
  • Providing responsive support whenever you need us
  • Maintaining your systems to keep them functioning at their best

Discover the true value of working with KMSI to keep your technology properly managed at all times. Contact us at (403) 274-7848 or send us an email: sales@kmsi.net.

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