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Don’t you wish someone was there to warn you about 5 minutes BEFORE you clicked on that button that made your whole computer freeze up?

“Why didn’t anyone tell me that would happen?” Bounces around in your mind.

The K&M Systems Intergration Executive Technology Consultants understand how crippling downtime can be to business. We work hard to get out in front of threats and to send you the alerts that you need to avoid rising threats

Managed by certified technology advisory professionals, our team enacts proactive protocols that keep your network protected and functioning at peak levels.


Don’t become a disaster statistic! Your business is worth protecting with a business continuity strategy from the Executive Technology Consultants of K&M Systems Intergration. Reach out to us at support@kmsi.net or (403) 274-7848 to speak with one of our continuity experts today.

As your I.T. partner, we’re dedicated to preventative care of your entire I.T. ecosystem.

  • We manage and systematically test your business continuity and backup systems.
  • We implement best-in-class security solutions and protocols.
  • We put industry leading email and spam management solutions in place.
  • We monitor your I.T. infrastructure continuously to pinpoint potential problems and remedy them before they become critical.

What does a partnership with K&M Systems Intergration mean for you? It means leveraging the experience of the most skilled Executive Technology Consultants in the industry. Their job is to help you avoid the pitfalls and move over the hurdles of I.T.

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