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Why Does Your Calgary Business Need to Invest in a Reliable, Well-Managed Firewall?

As technology continues to advance, a new generation of illegal and harmful activity has been created. It’s the era of cybercrime, and you’ve probably heard a lot about it: cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated than ever before, and they’re able to attack your business to:

  • Steal financial resources and/or confidential data
  • Disrupt day-to-day operations
  • Cause reputational damage

So why does your business need to invest in a good firewall? You’re creating and storing significant amounts of data; and you and your staff members depend on that data, whether it’s business data or customer information, to stay productive and profitable throughout the workday.

As a business owner, it’s up to you to ensure a reliable, well-managed firewall is in place to maintain your business security while preventing a potential data breach. Keep in mind; a consumer-grade firewall is not, and never will be, enough to protect such vital data. Above all, a reliable, well-managed firewall helps you:

  • Protect against hackers, malware, cybercrime, and various other types of threats.
  • Block users from visiting malicious, dangerous, or inappropriate websites.
  • Safeguard your vital business data and sensitive customer information.

Now here’s the good part: K&M Systems Integration, Ltd. keeps your business as safe as possible as we proactively manage your firewall, make sure updates are always applied, and helps you make the most of your firewall investment while giving you the opportunity to benefit from:

  • Complete visibility and speed: Multi-gigabit packet filtering and transparent proxies are able to quickly and efficiently scan/inspect ALL incoming and outgoing traffic.
  • Protocol detection and blocking: Specific cryptowall protocol detection and blocking, as well as reputation-enabled defense, are used to protect against dangerous websites and/or potential ransomware/malware.
  • Higher control and more protection: Highly granular control by category, application, or application sub-function & intrusion prevention service gives you the ability to monitor your network traffic and set your own controls.

Plus, our team of IT experts will make sure you’re going above and beyond a reliable, well-managed firewall! Although it’s fundamental to have a good firewall in place, it’s also important to have a complete security solution designed specifically for your business.

Interested in learning more about the importance of a reliable, well-managed firewall? Give us a call at (403) 274-7848 or send us an email at support@kmsi.net. K&M Systems Integration, Ltd. offers the leading Calgary IT Services & Support your business needs to stay safe and secure.

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